2016-2017 BQ/GBL & BRISBANE METRO Summer Fixtures


BQ / GBL   Summer 2016-2017   SENIOR   Major A  /  B  /  C /  Pacific C North  /  Masters


BQ / GBL  Summer 2016-2017   JUNIOR    (u20)     (u16)    (u14)   (u12)


BRISBANE METRO Summer 2016-2017 JUNIOR (u8) T-Ball    &    (u10) Rookie Ball fixture draws


Please check your game fixture 

Throughout the season it is advised that all (Coaches/ Parents) double check their Game Fixture Weekly

as draws can be subject to change throughout the season




Greater Brisbane Leagues Bylaws, Rules & Playing Conditions

Version: 1.0 (October 2016)

QBUA Umpire Appointments

Queensland Baseball Umpires Association


Michael Bates QBUA Appointments Officer

0416 165 632 qbua.appointments@gmail.com

Queensland Baseball Umpires Association Website

Field location map for all Baseball Clubs in Queensland

ALL STARS Bannister Park, Gerler Road, HENDRAhttp://goo.gl/maps/kc3uu

BEENLEIGH Hammel Street, BEENLEIGH http://goo.gl/maps/6qd8F

EAGLES 3 Weedon Street West, MACKENZIE http://goo.gl/maps/FR7Tf

INDIANS Dew Street, RUNCORN http://goo.gl/maps/eRPGJ

MUDGEERABA Firth Park, Somerset Road, MUDGEERABAhttp://goo.gl/maps/zN0lF

MUSKETEERS (IPSWICH) Church Street, TIVOLI http://goo.gl/maps/2aGRn

NARANGBA Harris Av, NARANGBA http://goo.gl/maps/uPWYV

PADRES Klingner Rd, Talobilla Pk ,KIPPA RING http://goo.gl/maps/JxI15

PINE HILLS (LIGHTNING) James Drysdale Reserve, Jinker Track, BUNYAhttp://goo.gl/maps/aG5oo

PINE RIVERS (RAPIDS) Les Hughes Sporting Complex, BRAY PARKhttp://goo.gl/maps/n9Fex

RANGERS (TOOWOOMBA) Commonwealth Oval, Wattle Street, TOOWOOMBA http://goo.gl/maps/F8bKl

REDLANDS Duncan Road, SHELDON http://goo.gl/maps/GnntE

RED SOX Clem Jones Complex, Zahel Street, CARINAhttp://goo.gl/maps/7VMWv

ROBINA Robina Baseball Club, Ron Penhaligon Way ROBINAhttp://goo.gl/maps/52bIV

SOUTHERN STARS Regency Park, Regency Drive, BROWNS PLAINShttp://goo.gl/maps/zOxQL

SURFERS Sir Bruce Small Park, Allchurch Street, BENOWAhttp://goo.gl/maps/HTt59

WESTS Westcombe Street, DARRA http://goo.gl/maps/DiAkt

WINDSOR Market Street, NEWMARKET http://goo.gl/maps/JuPEk

2016-2017 Pine Hils Lightning Wet / Inclement Weather Contact


GBL FIXTURES - Seniors, u20, u16, u14, u12 - Wet Weather Contact: Paul CAMPO Campion 0417 776 935

BRISBANE METRO FIXTURES - Rookie Ball (u10), T-Ball (u8) - Wet Weather Contact: TO BE CONFIRMED


Only for Wet Weather Contacts from opposition clubs and/or your Pine Hills Lightning team Coach / Manager

Please do not call to find out if your game is on

Players / Parents should please wait for a call from your team Manager / Coach

If you do not hear from your team Manager / Coach assume your game is still on!